s 2016_21Dec_Fullerton Countdown Preview_AndrewJKTan_011_shortlist Facade Show

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
26-31 Dec 2016, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm nightly

The facade of the iconic The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
comes alive with a 5-minute animation that highlights the
unique architectural features of Singapore’s 71st
national monument in colours of the breaking dawn,
sunrise in the city and striking silhouettes.


A New Dawn NYE Displays NYE Displays

Marina Bay
31 Dec 2016, 8:05pm, 9:05pm,
10:05pm, 11:05pm nightly

Punctuating the Fullerton projections on New Year’s Eve,
witness a dance of lights, lasers and flames in the
Bay as a first-ever prelude to the Countdown’s iconic
fireworks at midnight. Each of these displays will culminate
in one of four special fireworks that will be seen for
the first time in an MBSC fireworks display.

Fireworks_Merlion Countdown Sequence and Midnight Display (Fireworks)

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore & Marina Bay
31 Dec 2016, 11.54pm

Inspired by the quiet majesty of a sunrise and
the promise of a new day, be treated to picturesque
moments that will paint buildings around Marina Bay
as well as the night sky above with light and brilliance.

Beginning with the final facade show on The
Fullerton Hotel at 11.54pm, look forward to a special
Countdown sequence to the New Year at 11.59pm
complemented by festive lighting in and around the Bay.

These all lead into an 8-minute Midnight Display
— MBSC’s fireworks display re-imagined for 2017 —
which integrates lasers, lights and flame effects
for the first time amidst the iconic fireworks in the Bay.

The Midnight Display is choreographed to the song
Glaciers, written by local instrumental rock band
In Each Hand A Cutlass and specially rearranged for
the Midnight Display.